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"A Train at Night," The Write Launch, Issue 21 (January 2019).  read

“Abba, I Thank You, Agape Review, November 1, 2021read

"And So We Sleep," The Write Launch, Issue 38  (June 2020). read

"At the Edge (of a Lake),"  Peeking Cat Literary,  Issue 40 (January 28,

           2021)  read

"Attic," The Write Launch,  Issue 38  (June 2020). read

Broken Poem?Adversity, THE POET, Autumn 2021.  purchase 

“Cardinal Impulse,”  Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Spring 2019. 

           purchase  read (p. 12)   featured blog

"Caregiver's Lamentation,"  Corona Global Lockdown, Poet's 

           Choice Press,  2020. purchase

"Chipped Stool,"  Atherton Review,  Volume 104, 2021. purchase

"Christmas Sky," THE POET. Christmas Special Issue, 2020. purchase​​

"Conjured as a Memory,"  Intangible Magazine, Vol 3 (2022).

"Danaus sentiensus," Cathexis NorthwestNovember 2019.  read

"Desert Thunderstorm," THE POET Magazine. Profiles, 2021. read

​​​“Dream Chaser,” Steady Hands: Ode to Our Fathers, A. B. Baird     

            Publishing  (2019).  purchase

Enough of Sadness (A Plea in Villanelle),” Last Leaves, 2021. 
            read (p. 128)

Fathomless Pain,Adversity, THE POET, Autumn 2021.  purchase 

"Flooding Ol' Jim's Grave," Breathe, November 2020.  read

Forever, Always,A Love Letter To..., Sweetiecat Press, 2021.

"Four Moves from Now,"  Meat for Tea - The Valley Review, Volume 13,

           Issue 3 (2019). purchase

"Fullness of Time," The Write Launch,  November 2021.  read

"Glass Jars at a Cafe," Cathexis NorthwestDecember 2021.  read

"Glass-Half-Fullness," THE POET Magazine. Profiles, 2021. read

Grace to You, and Peace,” Faith, Volume 1, THE POET, 2021. purchase

"Haiku (a child is to love),"  Childhood, Volume 1,  THE POET, Winter
           2020. purchase

"Handful of If,"  Vermont Public Radio, 2021.

"hope is not in spite of," American Writers Review  2021: Turmoil and

           Recovery. San Fedele Press, 2021.  purchase

"How Dare You," Ekstasis Magazine, December, 2021.

"I Hear the Dawn in Birdsong," THE POET - Poem of the Day, May 26,
           2021.  read

"In That Moment,"  Vermont's Best Emerging Poets 2019,

           Z Publications.  purchase

"In the Between,"  Intangible Magazine, Vol 1 (2021).  read

It Is My Grief,Adversity, THE POET, Autumn 2021.  purchase 

"It's Worth the Mess," Meat for Tea - The Valley Review, Volume 14,

           Issue 4 (2020). purchase

"Joy," The Write Launch, Issue 21 (January 2019).  read

"Judge Not By What Makes Us Small,"

  • First appeared in The Esthetic ApostleOnline
    Edition, February 2019.  defunct

  • Reprinted in The Phoenix Project of Second Chance Lit, February 26, 2021.  read

"Just Do It," The Write Launch, Issue 29 (September 2019).  read

        “Known,” Friends and Friendship, THE POET Magazine, 2021.

                   read (p125)  purchase

"Life Dunes," The Write Launch, Issue 29 (September 2019).  read

"Live Oak Forest," Forest, Tiny Seed Press, 2021 (online blog

           July 1, 2021). featured blog

"Lizzy's Sonnet," Grand Little Things, Online Edition, July 15, 2020. read

"Long Ago, Friday Nights in Texas," The Write Launch, Issue 21 (January               2019). read

"Meeting Ellie," Close Friends and RelativesPoet's Choice Press, 2021.


"Memorial Day," The Writers Club, November 6, 2021.  read

"Moonflower," Love WIns!, September 12, 2021.   read

"Natural Theology,"  Perkins Log, Volume XXX, No. 2, pg. 31 (Spring                      1981).

“No Two Fires the Same [Old Fire],”  Tiny Seed Literary Journal, June 

           2019.  purchase  read  (p. 29-30)  featured blog 

"Not Mine To Be," Cathexis NorthwestNovember 2019.  read

"Not-Remembered,"  October Hill Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 1 (Spring              2020).  read

"Of Joy and Laughter," Vermont's Best Emerging  Poets 2019,

           Z Publications.  purchase

       “Of Little Faith,” Faith, Volume 1, THE POET, 2021. purchase

"On the Bridge Too Far," THE POET Magazine. Profiles, 2021. read

Patience (dba "Faith"),” Agape Review, July30, 2021.  read

Peace," The Write Launch, Issue 46 (March 2021).  read

"Poison Grapes," Snapdragon: A Journal of Arts & Healing, redemption |              grace  December 2019. (Issue  5.4)  purchase

“Pondering How Best to Start,” flourish | hope Spring 2019

    (Issue  5.1)  purchase

"Quality Time with a Spider," Tiny Seed Literary Journal, June 4, 2020.

            featured blog

"Que Será - Mother's Stare," The Write Launch, Issue 46 (March 2021).


"Quest[ion]," Breathe, July 2021.   read

"Remember," The Writers Club, October 23, 2021.  read

"Repeating History," Breathe, September 2021.   read

"Requiem for the Selfless," THE POET Magazine. Profiles, 2021. read

"Resilience," Love WIns!, August 25, 2021.   read

         "Résumé (To Sum It All Up)," Desire, Poet’s Choice Press,
                    2021.  purchase,

"Scar,"  Childhood, Volume 1, THE POET, 2021. purchase

"Sent to Our Rooms or Into the Streets," The Fruits of our Quarantine, 
Wingless Dreamer press, 2020.

"Shadow Play," The Write Launch,  November 2021.  read

"Shelter in Place," Corona Global LockdownPoet's Choice Press, 2020.


Sitting in Darkness,” Agape Review, July 26, 2021.  read

Small Courages,” AThe Writers Club (Grey Thoughts), July 3, 2021. 

“Snake Tree,”  Tiny Seed Literary Journal, - Hibernation, April 21, 2021.               featured blog 

"So, So Small," THE POET. Christmas Special Issue, 2020. purchase

"Starlight," THE POETChristmas Special Issue, 2020. purchase

"Stillness,"  The MOON magazine, August 2019.  read

"Stop It!" 433,  3/4/2021.  read

"Sunburnt Love," Sledgehammer Literary Journal, April 7, 2021.  read

"Sunset," As Above So Below, Issue 6, 2020.  read

"Tabletop Musing,"  Peeking Cat Literary, Issue 40 (January 28, 2021)


"Thalia & Melpomene," The Write Launch, Issue 38  (June 2020). read

"Thank You for the Whispers”  Gratitudes: To Our Mothers, A. B. Baird

           Publishing  (2019).  purchase

"The Art of Hate," Breathe, November 2021.  read

"The Moon It Fell," The Writers Club, October 9, 2021.  read

"The Path," The MOON magazine, August 2019.  read

The Sighing Will Flee Away,” Faith, Volume 1, THE POET, 2021.


"There Are No Words," The Write Launch, Issue 46 (March 2021).

"This Between Time," Frost Meadow Review - Pandemic Poetry Online

           Edition, June 24, 2020. read

"To Dream of Being Sky,"  October Hill Magazine. Coming Soon

“To Sing of the Saints, Agape Review, November 1, 2021read

"Unseparate,"  Intangible Magazine, Vol 1 (2021).  read

"V," Tiny Seed Literary Journal - Apaja'simk, November 25, 2021.  read

"Venetian Masks," The Valiant Scribe, October 22, 2021.  read

“Vermont Mountains,”  Tiny Seed Literary Journal, - Lessons from the

           Wild, January 4, 2021.  featured blog 

"Voices from the Other Room: Mother and Daughter,"  

  • First appeared in Vermont's Best Emerging Poets 2019,        Z Publications.  purchase

  • Reprinted in Snapdragon: A Journal of Arts & Healing, sound | silence, December 2020 (Issue 6.4).  purchase

"Wandering Around the Truth," The Writers Club (September 25, 2021).

"Warning," The Write Launch, Issue 29 (September 2019).  read

"We Never Used to Look,"  Corona Global Lockdown, Poet's

           Choice Press, 2020.  purchase

“Were There Not Ten? Agape Review, July 23, 2021read

"What, But a Fool," THE POET Magazine. Profiles, 2021. read

"Windsong: Grand Opera," The Write Launch,  November 2021.  read

“Wiping the Tears of a Child of God, Agape Review, November 1, 2021.             read

With Sighs Too Deep for Words,” Agape Review, July 28, 2021read