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I have been publishing nonfiction since my graduate school days, first at SMU's Perkins School of Theology, and then at Emory University, where I received his Ph.D. in Social Ethics. Below is a reverse chronology of my published prose. 

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"Goodbye, Rosalynn -- and Thanks!" A memory of meeting Rosalynn Carter at the State Fair of Texas as her powerful life among us comes to and end; in The Writer's Club, November 25, 2023.

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White Paper

"From Avoiding the Pitfalls to Achieving White Paper Success: A Guide for B2B Small Business and Marketing Entrepreneurs" (2020)

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Nonfiction -- Ethics of Responsibility

"Responsibility and Covenant in Writings of E. Clinton Gardner," with Frederick E. Glennon, in Living Responsibly in Community, ed. Fredrick E.  Glennon, et al. (University Press of America, 1997).  

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Nonfiction -- Ethics of Technology

"Complex Responsibility in an Age of Technology," in Living Responsibly in Community, ed. Fredrick E.  Glennon, et al. (University Press of America, 1997).  

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Nonfiction -- American Political History

"Ambassador McGovern: Elder Statesman," in George McGovern: A Political Life, A Political Legacy, Robert P. Watson (editor). (South Dakota State Historical Society Press, 2004).  Read Review

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Nonfiction -- Theology and Biblical Exegesis

Cosmic Witness: Commentaries on Science-Technology Themes With George L. Murphy and LaVonne Althouse.  (Lima, Ohio: CSS Publishing, 1996). Reviews on Publisher's Page   American Scientific Affiliation Review

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Case Study - Academic

"The Gift of a Broken Body: A Case Study with Teaching Note." Journal for Case Teaching 7 (Fall 1995, published Summer 1996).

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Thesis -- Theological Ethics of Technology

Toward a Theological Ethics of Technology: An Analysis in Dialogue with Jacques Ellul, James Gustafson, and Philosophy of Technology. Ann Arbor, Michigan; University Microfilms International. 1990.  Citation by PhilPapers.  Cited in Illusions of Freedom: Thomas Merton and Jacque Ellul on Technology and the Human Condition by Jefferey M. Shaw.

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Academic - Creative Nonfiction

"Jephthah: A Character Study" in The Perkins Log  Winter 1981.   A character study of one of the Hebrew Judges exploring the ethics of power and religious belief.  (this version is a recent (2023) edition)

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