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Russell Willis is an AWAI Certified White Paper Specialist

Custom White Papers and other B2B Copywriting:  Your B2B or Not-for-profit organization has a new product, service, or ground-breaking idea.  Now what?  Let me help you break through the marketing noise with white papers, blogs, explainer videos, or web content that captures the imaginations and budgets of your audience or potential customers.

White Papers: I am an AWAI Verified White Paper Specialist specializing in B2B (business-to-business) and not-for-profit markets.

Ghostwriting: You have the name or brand; I have the expertise and experience to help you be viewed as a thought-leading visionary in your field. Whether through blogs, op-eds, articles, or books, I can bring your message to life while retaining your voice and identity.  

  • Specializing in the conversion of blog and podcast series into print or ebooks.

  • My job is to capture your voice and your passion!

Custom Short-form Video Production:  Looking for effective videos, let me write engaging scripts for your video team. Or, better yet, have me take your text and graphics and produce a short-form (one-to-five-minute) "explainer" video ready to be used on your website or app, or in your next live or Zoom presentation.   Check out these examples of  "explainer" videos:

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